I help a lot of businesses who are struggling with TIME.

They have enough work, so they never get around to marketing their business, because they are already so busy.

Why do they need marketing then, you ask?


“Nothing wilts faster
than a laurel rested upon”

– to quote Mary Kay Ash of the US$3.7b cosmetics company.


There was no sitting back waiting for the phone to ring for Mary Kay and the same should be said for your business too. There’s a LOT of competition out there for local businesses. If they’re marketing and you’re not, well it’s really only a matter of time before you find yourself regretting your lack of efforts.

So how do we squeeze in enough marketing to keep new leads coming in and existing customers remembering us for next time?


Streamline it.

What I mean by this is-stopping the things you don’t need to be doing, and improve the things you should be doing. It means focusing on your customer and ensuring they have a brilliant experience.
If you get this right, it will save you time and your marketing will be more effective for your business.

Here’s 5 areas to focus on, to help you streamline your marketing:


1 – Customer-focused Marketing:

  • Where is your ideal target audience? Are they on Facebook but not on Instagram? Well don’t waste time on Instagram. You don’t need to be everywhere, you only need to be where your perfect customer is.
  • What are your customer’s pains and motivations for needing your product/service? Talk to these pain points in your marketing messages, show them that you are the solution. This helps you create emotive marketing content, and helps them see that you understand them quickly. If all your marketing is like this, it will be more effective and efficient.
  • Survey your existing customers and ask where they found you and why they bought from you. Do more of that and less of the rest. It really can be that simple.

Focus on your customer; where they are, what their pain is and find all this out by asking them!


2 – Have a Whole View approach:

  • Create a complete customer journey map of all the touchpoints a customer might search for and experience your business – before, during and after their experience. Think of the emotions and messaging at each stage in the experience.
  • This helps you create a holistic plan rather than fragmented, so when you decide to do Facebook ads it’s a consistent experience with your Google Ads and your letterbox drop and your radio ad. There’s so many benefits to doing this, but for now, the time benefit is being able to quickly create the right content vs trying to think of the messaging each time.

Consider all the touchpoints in the customer experience as a whole.


3 – Schedule and automate:

  • Once you know where to put your marketing and you know what to say, set aside time to create it and schedule it. This could be 1hr per week, scheduling social media and stick within that time. Done is better than perfect.
  • Automate what you can, for example email marketing. Most (if not all) email marketing tools now allow you to automate. By automate, I don’t mean schedule. I mean creating sequences that are triggered on user behaviour. E.g. “If customer purchased X, send ‘Review your Purchase’ email after 5 days. Spend some time creating brilliant email sequences that nurture your existing customers and leads.

Time invested in setup and preparing in advance is time well spent.


4 – Outsource:

  • Stick to what you’re good at and outsource what you’re not. You already don’t have time for marketing, so you are very unlikely to have time to learn new tools etc. If you can’t invest the time, invest the money to have a great support group growing your business with you.
  • An expert will ‘should’ always do a better job of something for you than you can do yourself too. They know the right and most efficient way to do it. I see a lot of people spend all their time trying to design their own logo or work out FB ads or MailChimp etc. This is fine, to a point. But if you’re struggling time-wise, it’s easier to find a trusted expert to help. Spend time to get good recommendations and interview them.
  • At a minimum, let an expert set you up right and provide you training on the tool, only in the exact areas you need to use. This will save you time trying to self-learn plus you won’t get distracted by all the extra features you don’t need.

Get a reliable referral for a trusted expert and use your support network to grow your business faster.


5 -Let your customers do your marketing:

  • Ask your customers for referrals and reviews. You could automate this (like in step 3) and consider creating a referral program and a loyalty program. We already know that most buyers will choose a referred supplier and check reviews online before deciding, so make sure you ask your customers to help you out. In return you can reward them for their referral, ad-hoc at first maybe but then create a proper referral program that gives them back value for their loyalty and advocacy of your business.
  • Don’t forget, if you do receive negative feedback, address it ASAP. Often if we can fix that person’s experience, they become our loyal customer and will share that great story of how you went out your way to fix their issue.

Consider a referral program and always work hard to resolve negative feedback promptly.


Ok, so that’s 5 ways to streamline your marketing. Getting this right will take some initial setup time, but once it’s done it will save you heaps in the long run, at the same time as helping improve your business.



If you’re struggling for time to market your business and need help to streamline it, get in touch.